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Yaaay! I was waiting for this community to pop up so that I could finally share stories, experiences, etc with other mamas going through the same thing :)

I'm 29, and this is my 2nd child. My daughter just turned 6 years old in February. I'm due on November 1st, so today marks Week 14! I'm glad I'm in the second trimester, but still experiencing morning (all day) sickness. We have a good strong heartbeat between 160-170 BPM each time, and I've seen the little peanut on ultrasound a couple of times (in the Dr's office and at the ER), and he/she looks great :)

I've been put on high risk because I had a LEEP procedure done, and with the pre term labor issues I had with my daughter, my OB wants to keep a close eye on me. So, we'll be having ultrasounds done every 2 weeks starting at my 15th week! We have the anatomy ultrasound in about 4 weeks, and we plan on having a gender reveal party with our family and friends to find out what we are having!

I am so excited for this baby, but really wish I could start enjoying it soon, since this is going to be our last. I was sick with my daughter until 26 weeks, and I just can't do this again!

Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Yay! Another member. I'm so glad you found this. I wasn't really too sure how to go about promoting it besides getting it listed in the pregnant community.

We have a six year gap between our second and third, and they are incredibly close. My daughter dotes on her younger brother. My first and second are 23 months apart, and they fight all the time. There will be just over a five year gap between our third and this baby, and I'm hoping that they will be just as emotionally close as my second and third.

Crossing my fingers for you that the all day sickness eases before the 26th week this time around :-)
Re: Welcome!
That's where I found it! I thought about creating it myself, but I've never maintained a community before, so I just kept waiting..

I have a feeling that's how Katie is going to be - doting and just a wonderful big sister! She is already so excited for this little one to be here, and has become so independent recently since I've been so sick. She will be an awesome big helper!!
I also had a LEEP done! Im getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks.

I hope you are feeling better <3
That's awesome to hear someone in here had a LEEP done. I had HSIL with some squamous cells, so she just decided to wipe those suckers off. I was supposed to have another one done, but we found out that we were pregnant, so that kind of nipped that in the bud :) I only have moderate this time, and the OB said that it would be okay to wait.

I am starting to feel better, but I still have some bad days :/