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Me again... Lol. I had my appt with the high risk doc today. He says we aren't going to worry about my platelets for now since they're "high enough". If they cut in half we will start monitoring closer. In other news, they did my anatomy scan while I was here. Baby Audrey still hates having her picture made but we got to see everything that was needed finally. We even got a profile pic printed and learned she sleeps just like her daddy. The only thing mentioned was her heart. The left side is slightly smaller and there is a bit of reflux with the blood flow. Doc says this is a soft marker for DS. I opted to decline the test for DS since there is nothing I could or would do about that anyway and there's no since in stressing over the possibility. Especially since there are so many false positives. Again he said he wasn't overly concerned about this issue since its pretty common and in no way means there is something wrong with her. He will check again in 6 weeks to be on the safe side. Eish! I feel like every visit there is something new to panic over.
Me too!! It would be nice to hear just some good news this time. Next appt is with my regular doc on the 10th. High risk on the 30th. I just did a 24 hour urine catch and more blood work so I wouldn't be shocked if one of them calls me in before those dates. Seems to be how it works with me. Lol