Half Way There!

How is everyone doing? What's new in your life and pregnancy? Are you all feeling better? Do you have a bump happening?

This week will be twenty weeks for me. I'm feeling much better, but holy smokes, is my bump ever big! I don't recall being this obviously pregnant this early on. Also, I already feel quite heavy in my lower abdomen, and again, I don't remember feeling this way until the third trimester in previous pregnancies. I'm carrying super high (which is typical for me), and I'm very tall and long waisted, so I'm still able to wear most of my pre pregnancy pants - they fit under the bump. I've started wearing the bella band with a few of my pants - the smaller ones.

The kids are getting excited, and we're finally making progress on the naming front. We have a boys name. The girl's name is still a subject of heated debate, though :-).

The one thing I'm starting to feel is some back pain *cry*. After not having to go to my chiropractor for a year, it looks like I'll be needing to see him this year. I can't afford to ignore it, though. I ended up with really bad sciatica after my third child was born, and we have such a busy household, it would be a real pain for me to be incapacitated like that again. I borrowed a book on pre-natal pilates from the library. I guess it's time for me to open it, and start doing the exercies :P

We're on the west coast, and it's starting to feel like summer. My other three children are spring/summer born, so I've always been at the end of my third trimester just when the weather is getting nice. This will be the first time when I fully get to enjoy the entire summer. Generally, I don't get swollen feet, and low on energy until sometime in my eighth month, and by that time, summer will be over. So the timing of this baby is pretty much perfect.
My first was a winter baby (July, down under :), and this one will be a summer baby. I'm looking forward to being able to get in the pool to get the weight off my legs this time around, although last time it was nice to have the big bump keeping me warm.
19 weeks here and the bump literally happened over night. My husband came home and goggle eyed at me. Lol we're in Florida so I'm over "summer" already. The heat index has be averaging over 100 for the past week and a half. Everything feels pretty great except for, like you, the back is starting to act up. Hope you continue to do so well. :) love your updates!!