18 weeks today!

It feels like I suddenly got really PREGNANT over the last couple of days! I went from "A Bit Tubby" to "Hey, Look At My Bump!" and then I started feeling heavy and finding it harder to stand up from the ground on my own (and with a toddler, I spend a lot of the time on the ground...), and then overnight the fluttery feeling turned into actual kicks and flips! So exciting!

Mostly I've been feeling well. The major symptoms/problems I had last time were blood noses and SPD; this time I've only had a couple of nosebleeds, and I seem to be managing my movement well enough to avoid SPD so far. With any luck, I can pay close enough attention to how I'm feeling to avoid the worst of it. *fingers crossed*

We've now told all the important friends and family, and I'm deciding whether to actually make An Announcement on FB/LJ, and how. Perhaps I'll just stick up the anatomy ultrasound and be done with it. That'll be the 8th July, can't wait! :D

How are you all?
Exciting stuff! I posted before checking my friend's page. We have a serious bump happening here too. Feeling well, finally, and starting to get really excited. I made an announcement on LJ (on a filter), but I'm not "out" on facebook yet. I don't think I made an pregnancy announcement on fb last time around either. There's something about fb that doesn't feel quite as safe to me as LJ somehow.