A more active November community

Hi folks,

How is everyone doing? I've been meaning to post a belly photo, but want to make myself look halfway presentable first!

I stumbled across another November community. Apparently it was started in March, but I wasn't able to find it at the time, which is why I started this one. It's pretty small, though slightly larger than this one and appears to be more active. I was thinking that perhaps all of us should hop over there to grow the community, and get a bit more chatter happening. Here is the link: http://nov2013babies.livejournal.com/profile
It might be easier.

I was just trying to remedy the fact that in creating a second group, I inadvertently split what was is apparently a pretty small number of us with babies due in November. Even if we combine the two groups, we'd only have just over a dozen, since one member of the group I started is no longer expecting in November :( and it looks like at least one member has been a member of both all along).