Hello and welcome,

I'm 38, located in British Columbia in Canada, and this will be our 4th child. We have a ds 13, dd 11, and ds 5. I'm currently 12 weeks, though at my dating ultrasound, I was measuring 13 weeks. My babies usually arrive late, so I'll stick with 12 weeks. My due date is either November 7th (according to ultrasound), or November 14th (according to me) :-).

We are super excited, but unlike my pregnancies with my previous three children, this one has not been a cake walk. I expected to sail through without any bumps, but sadly this has not been the case - I usually feel like I've been run over by a truck by about two or three in the afternoon.

I miscarried about a year ago, so I have a bit of anxiety about this pregnancy, but seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound was very reassuring. None the less, I am feeling rather uncomfortable with the thought of sharing my exciting news with anyone that I know IRL, so instead, I've created this community so I can be excited with everyone here.

No names yet. My dh and I have very different tastes with regard to naming, and we never manage to settle on a name until very close to the due date.

I'm very excited to meet everyone!