First time mom

Hi! I'm right around 17 weeks with my first. I'm 32 (33 on delivery) so it might just be my only, depending on how this one goes. I had some insurance issues with work so I didn't make it to the doc until last Monday. Doc was out delivering but I did see the ultrasound tech and do blood work. (It's a girl!! She waved at her daddy when he walked up to the screen to get a better look.) I got a call the day after that appt about my platelet levels being really low and that I needed to come back in for another blood draw. The nurse on the phone said it could possibly be a specific disorder but gave no further information. I went back Wed to give more blood and after we left I noticed a missed call from them. That message stated my vit D levels were off. I'm so freaked out now that I can't see straight. I have an appt today with the actual doc. Hopefully, there will be good news but if not... Anyone have any ideas about the wonky blood word? Possible issues with the baby? I feel absolutely great. No morning sickness at all, even early on. I'm not tired. I don't see any of the symptoms for low platelets or low vit D that I found online. Weird.
First of all, welcome! I'm so glad you decided to join our little community. Glad to hear that pregnancy symptoms are not too bad. I don't know anything about the platelets or vitamin D, but can I just say, that I'm seriously annoyed that they left such distressing (not to mention confidential) information in a voicemail. They should have known better. Be sure to drop a line and let us know how everything turns out. *hugs*
Thanks so much!! We had a doc appt today and honestly the doc was a little pissy they left that message too. She said I'm a but of a mystery to her since I don't show any of the other symptoms. She doesn't want me to worry unless we find a real reason to. She's making me an appt with a high risk doc for some tests just to be on the safe side. If I see any tiny bruise like spots on my arms or legs or if I see Any spotting it bleeding at all, I should call her ASAP. Since I haven't had either of those issues, she told me to stop Googling things. Lol